Warm-hearted competitions Halloween Baking ChampionshipHoliday Baking ChampionshipKids Baking Championship and Spring Baking Championship are ratings hits on the Food Network. When you pair talented bakers with great hosts and judges like John Henson, Jesse Palmer, Valerie Bertinelli, Duff Goldman, Lorraine Pascale and Nancy Fuller... it's tasty TV.


Documentaries are fascinating to produce because the whole story only reveals itself after much shooting and question asking. Each documentary has its own color, texture and depth based on the revelations of its participants regarding the subject at hand. Here are a few samples from History of the Joke with Lewis Black, The Ride: 7 Days to End AIDS, Surviving the Holidays with Lewis Black and UNCUT: The True Story of Hair.


The Next Iron Chef pitted talented chefs against one another to win the title of "Iron Chef". Here's a sampling of chefs featured: Michael Symon, John Besh, Aaron Sanchez, Chris Cosentino, Jose Garces, Jehangir Mehta, Amanda Freitag, Nate Appleman, Eric Greenspan, Marco Canora, Ming Tsai, Maneet Chauhan, Andrew Kirschner, Geoffrey Zakarian, Elizabeth Falkner, Michael Chiarello, Anne Burrell, Marcus Samuelsson, Robert Irvine, Duskie Estes, Marc Forgione, Alex Guarnaschelli and Marcel Vigneron.


Fashion is hard work. Just ask the designers and models and photographers that bring it to life -- and we did. Here are a few excerpts from the documentary series STYLEMAKER featuring Donna Karan, Michael Kors and Vera Wang. With Carolina Hererra, Anna Wintour and Polly Mellon.


Star Salvation is a companion digital series to the hit show Food Network Star. Eliminated finalists battle it out for a chance to return to the show and fulfill their dreams. The first season of Star Salvation received over a million views and also fulfilled the dreams of Food Network Digital. Season two surpassed that.


Docuseries capture real people living their lives out loud and distill their organic storylines into watchable television. Here are a few samples from Work Out, First Class All The Way and Curl Girls.


The beautiful thing about producing television is that we never know what we will be working on next. Here are a couple of disparate examples: Future Food and The Bruce Vilanch Show. You're welcome.


What's more American than competition? Here are a couple of fine examples of the elimination competition genre from BLUSH: The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist and Cowboy U. Yee-hah! Powder down!



In this award-winning short film (Best Female Short Fire Island Film Festival) a fireball of creativity ignites when two dynamic dolls discover a passion for musicals -- and each other. Will their relationship survive the tumult of creative differences? Featuring Marc Shaiman and Mo Gaffney.